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The rest- i have different understanding. But you know! The Alt- 8775 Right 8776 will agree with you on most things. You have found your home, old boy!. Similar mentality and mental wavelength.

Александр Шлёнский. Философский Пароход – здесь будут

It should be understood that you are not 8775 supremacists 8776 or racists. You are advocates for the most oppressed social group in the United States: white men. They are oppressed by every minority and most of all by their own women. Every social group in the States have their own organizations and support group but white men who are attacked from all sides.


The only way for you Yankees and all other Snow Whites to avoid that plight is to ally with every social group who have brains and want to live civilized life. Or just want to LIVE, period. You have no other choice than swallow your white pride at least temporarily and form a strategic alliance with everybody who can help you save your white skin.

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Так, пишущий сии строки подходим ко определению синтагматики языка наравне совокупности да системы опирающихся сверху структурные значения языковых единиц их сочетательных возможностей.

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• Customise a solo character or a whole squad and train them from puny victims to master warriors
• Survive in an unrelenting world of slavers, cannibals, wild beasts and famine. Nowhere is safe.
• Build your own fortress, research technologies, craft your own gear and wage war with other factions
• Explore and scavenge the uncharted lands of one of the largest single player open world maps to date
• Absolutely no level-scaling. The world does not level up along with you and the game won t hold your hand.

5. Костинский . Вопросы синтаксической парадигматики. «Вопросы языкознания», 6969, № 5.

Yet in a sign that his aggressive rhetoric is resonating with the public, 55% of Americans say the US should take &ldquo military action&rdquo against the North.

Civilized people you oppose to have not a slightest intention to shoot you or exterminate you any other way. But you need some brains to intellectually compete with other tribes to survive in your sacred country.

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